Title Published Date Link
In Brief: Disaster conference opens in Beijing IRIN - Humanitarian news and analysis 2011-05-31
In Jeanne’s wake, new efforts to prevent “natural” disasters Christian Science Monitor - Ford P. 2004-09-29
In the throes of a ‘silent crisis’ The Nation 2011-02-15
Indicators of sustainable development: Guidelines and methodologies. United Nations 2001-01-20
INDONESIA: Disaster workers prepare for more flooding ReliefWeb 2010-10-06
International day for disaster reduction: UNISDR urges mayors and citizens to decrease disaster losses ReliefWeb 2010-10-13
International flooding project sets up camp in Tewkesbury The Gloucestershire Echo Newspaper 2009-01-22
Interview mit Katastrophenforscherin Guha-Sapir WIWO 2005-01-05
Inundaciones y sequías impulsaron los desastres en 2005 20 Minutos 2006-01-30
Iraqi death toll withstands scrunity Giles J. 2006-10-19
Is 2010 worse than usual for earthquakes? Reuters AlerNet 2010-04-16
Is climate change increasing the frequency of hazardous events? Peduzzi P. 2005-01-03
JU course in disaster management The Times of India 2011-01-15
Kids in flood-hit areas stunted: Survey The Times of India 2011-01-22
Killer year caps deadly decade – reducing disaster impact is 'critical' says top UN disaster official PreventionWeb 2011-01-24
Klimawandel kostet Menschenleben 20 Minuten 2007-02-02
Krusada: Disasters ABS CBN News 2011-03-01
L'Asie la plus touchée par les catastrophes, l'Europe vulnérable Top Info Chretien 2008-01-30
L'Asie la plus touchée par les catastrophes, l'Europe vulnérable - Robert Ebans Capital 2007-01-29
L'ONUSIPC appelle à se préparer aux risques de catastrophes RAdio Chine International 2012-01-19
La ciencia avala que el objetivo de los bombardeos de Siria son las mujeres y los niños El Mundo 2015-09-30
La facture record des catastrophes naturelles en 2011 L'Express 2012-01-18
La OMS alerta de que las infecciones y la falta de agua potable amenazan a los supervivientes El Pais - Alfageme A., Mendez R. 2004-12-30
Landslides: Experts seek ways to mitigate losses, danger said growing due to climate change Eurek Alert - Terru Collins 2007-01-17
Las inundaciones y las sequías impulsaron los desastres en 2005 Belt 2006-02-01
Last year's disasters were deadliest in 20 years, report finds DW World 2011-01-25
Last year's disasters were deadliest in 20 years, report finds DW-World 2011-01-24
Laut UN-Bericht war 2007 Jahr besonders vieler Überschwemmungen PR-Inside 2008-01-18
Les bilans des morts de guerres, enjeux politiques Le Monde 2008-04-12


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