Title Published Date Link
Letter: Vaccination against measles must be allowed to continue Financial Times 2020-05-05
Contenir le Covid: miser sur les forces et pallier les maillons faibles Le Soir 2020-04-20
Les catastrophes climatiques ont affecté près de 98 millions de personnes Le Soir 2020-01-14
Children bear 'disproportionate lethal impact' of Syrian war, warns study The Guardian 2018-03-23
Nearly One In Four Civilians Killed In Syria Is A Child, Study In Lancet Global Health Reveals Huffington Post 2017-12-07
Maghreb Orient Express TV5 Monde 2017-12-17
Bombs and Missiles Are Leading Cause of Death for Syrian Women and Children Newsweek 2015-09-30
Press Coverage following Press Conference February 11, 2016, Geneva Websites, TV, Newspapers 2016-02-12
La ciencia avala que el objetivo de los bombardeos de Siria son las mujeres y los niños El Mundo 2015-09-30
Los niños suponen el 27% de los muertos en los bombardeos de Siria El Pais 2015-09-30
Nuclear power plants located in tsunami risk zones CORDIS News (European Commission) 2012-10-17
74 réacteurs nucléaires sont exposés à des risques de tsunami important Notre-planete.info 2012-10-23
23 Nuclear Power Plants In Tsunami Hot Spots Asian Scientist 2012-10-01
23 Nuclear Plants in Tsunami Risk Zones, Study Finds LiveScience 2012-09-21
Unas 23 centrales nucleares están en zonas con riesgo de tsunamis Lainformacion 2012-09-20
23 Nuclear Plants In Tsunami Risk Zone Could Be A Threat, Study Finds Huffington Post 2012-09-24
Seventy-four nuclear reactors in tsunami-risk areas Homeland Security News Wire 2012-09-24
Veel kerncentrales liggen in gebieden waar tsunami kan toeslaan Scientias 2012-09-24
Unas 23 centrales nucleares están en zonas con riesgo de tsunamis Agencia Sinc 2012-09-20
Una veintena de centrales nucleares está en zonas con riesgo de tsunamis El Mundo 2012-09-20
23 Nuclear plants in Tsunami risk zones Discovery News 2012-09-24
23 Nuclear Power Plants Are In Tsunami Risk Areas Red Orbit 2012-09-22
23 nuclear power plants are in tsunami risk areas Phys Org 2012-09-21
Twenty-Three Nuclear Power Plants Found to Be in Tsunami Risk Areas Science Daily 2012-09-21
Talking about the weather The Economist 2012-03-07
PHILIPPINES: Aid management goes automated IRIN - humanitarian news and analysis 2012-02-10
Disaster area The Philippine Star 2012-02-08
Philippines tops 2011 list of countries hit by disasters Business World Online 2012-01-27
Disasters cost $366 bn in 2011: UN AFP 2012-01-19
Top 10 Global Weather Events of 2011 Think Progress 2012-01-02


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