Title Published Date Link
MICRODIS integrated project European Commission 2007-04-19
Après la tempête Université catholique de Louvain 2007-07-01
MICRODIS Health Group Meeting Hanoi 30th Sep - 1st Oct Hanoi School of Public Health 2007-09-01
Myth busters Times of India New Delhi 2008-02-24
International flooding project sets up camp in Tewkesbury The Gloucestershire Echo Newspaper 2009-01-22
The livelihood of 92.5 percent of the people is washed down in flood of Ghaghra and Sharda river Hindustan Newspaper 2009-06-23
The MICRODIS Project European Commission DG Research's "Research on Climate Change and Environmental Risks" - Newsletter 6 2009-09-01
Iraqi death toll withstands scrunity Giles J. 2006-10-19
Death estimates for Darfur inaccurate - U.S. study Reuters - AlerNet 2006-12-12
Darfur crisis: Death estimates demonstrate severity of crisis, but their accuracy and credibility could be enhanced United States Government Accountability Office. 2006-11-01
United States Government Accountability Office Darfur crisis: Progress in aid and peace monitoring threatened by ongoing violence and operational challenges 2006-11-01
Field Exchange, Issue 32 Emergency Nutrition Network 2008-01-01
Congo’s Death Rate Unchanged Since War Ended The New York Times 2008-01-23
Les bilans des morts de guerres, enjeux politiques Le Monde 2008-04-12
The educated guesswork of estimating Darfur deaths Agence France Presse 2008-04-26
Suffering lost in a numbers game The Guardian 2008-04-29
There may have been no water, but the province was awash with guns New Statesman 2007-06-04
Darfur: the feelgood conflict Le Monde diplomatique 2009-08-06
We need to reform aid policies in states hit by conflict Financial Times (FT.com) 2008-12-03
Ambiente: Onu; nel 2007 aumentate alluvioni, Asia più colpita Ticino News 2008-01-18
Natureza matou mais de 235 mil pessoas em 2008 Portugal - Diário 2008-01-22
Especialista em desastres naturais da ONU critica o Brasil. Estadao - BR 2009-01-22
Quedasde barreirasno Sulafetam 24 rodovias Cotidiano - Folha de S.Paulo 2008-12-03
Aumentam os desastres naturais ligados à mudança climática O Pantaneiro 2008-01-18
Aquecimento: aumentam desastres naturais, diz ONU. Terra - Brasil 2008-01-18
Desastres naturais relacionados à mudança climática aumentaram, diz ONU Folha Online (Brasil) 2008-01-18
ONU: Aumentam os desastres naturais relacionados às mudanças climáticas Portal Católicos (Brasil) 2008-01-20
Aumentam os desastres naturais ligados à mudança climática Olhar Direto - Internet News Network 2008-01-18
Relatório da ONU aponta aumento das catástrofes naturais em 2007 O Liberal (Brasil) 2008-01-18
Ásia é campeã de mortes em desastres naturais Terra - Reuters 2007-07-29


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