Title Published Date Link
A decade of natural disasters: Why nature is biting back Helium 2010-08-30
Vietnam in top ten countries affected by natural calamities VietnamNet Bridge 2010-08-27
ASIA: When hospitals become casualties IRIN 2010-08-26
Asia joins hands to control natural disasters The Voive of Vietnam News 2010-08-26
Asian Experts Meet To Evaluate Impact Of Natural Disasters Bernama.com 2010-08-25
Asia’s Water Crisis The Diplomat 2010-08-23
GLOBAL: Pakistan floods already the second worst ever IRIN 2010-08-12
Climate change: Up close and personal Manila Standard Today 2010-08-10
RP is most disaster-prone country in the world GMA Network 2010-08-10
Prioritize Disaster Preparedness, Aquino Urged Bulatlat 2010-07-17
Humanitarian aid down 11 pct in 2009, role of financial crisis unclear - report Thomson Reuters - AlertNet 2010-07-14
We're the top Philippine News - Philstar 2010-07-08
Nature's Wrath in 2009 Tallied by Country LiveScience 2010-06-28
Fewer natural disasters in 2009, but no clear trend seen - research group AlertNet 2010-06-28
Growth Potential Tangos with High Disaster Risk Global Perspectives - IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis 2010-06-09
ETHIOPIA-MOZAMBIQUE: Asia "most at risk" from natural disasters IRIN - humanitarian news and analysis 2010-05-31
Countries top 'natural' disaster ranking – France, Italy, USA at 'high risk' PreventionWeb 2010-05-26
Are natural disasters on the increase? LeaderShip 2010-04-28
HomeownersInsurance.org's Danger Zones - Worldwide Deaths from Natural Disasters (Infographic) EarthTimes 2010-04-22
Earthquake-Resistant Engineering Eurasia Review News and Analysis 2010-04-23
Climate change has a human face Business Mirror 2010-04-22
The Changing Planet Zeenews 2010-04-21
Maaltijdcheques liggenonder vuur De Tijd 2010-04-15
Why Iceland's Minor Volcano Is Causing Major Disruptions TIME 2010-04-16
Is 2010 worse than usual for earthquakes? Reuters AlerNet 2010-04-16
Africa prepares mechanisms against disasters Afrol News 2010-04-15
African nations meet to boost disaster risk reduction at UN-backed forum UN News centre 2010-04-14
Africa urged to adopt new poverty model Daily Nation 2010-04-14
WMO celebrates 60 yr of service to human safety. Thomas Net 2010-04-08
Disaster risk: How poverty leads to catastrophe PreventionWeb 2010-03-17


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